How to Effectively Guide 1Ls to a Specific Practice Area

1Ls entering law school are overwhelmed to say the least. On day one, they are handed big, heavy law books, called on to speak about a subject they just started studying in front of 100 of their peers, and recruited by multiple student organizations, all the while, many of them are getting used to living in a new place.

By the time 1Ls come see their career services office in October, it is no wonder they feel overwhelmed with options. How can 1Ls keep up with classes and the flurry of craziness that is law school while also educating themselves on various practice areas and career paths in the law?

First and foremost, law students need a comprehensive but brief guide that succinctly summarizes multiple practice areas. Fortunately, LawFit has them covered on that front!

When you receive the results of our assessment, you will get a guide that summarizes pretty much any practice area you can think of including appellate practice, bankruptcy, civil litigation plaintiff, labor and employment, criminal, and trusts and estates law, in one short and user friendly document. The results give the reader a concise description of what lawyers in each practice area do, a brief list of skills needed to succeed in each practice area, and a short explanation of where each type of law is practiced, both geographically and the setting (law firm, government, etc.)

On top of that, our assessment shows how the law student’s skills and interests compare to the various practice areas and provides a number indicating how strong the fit is. For 1Ls who just do not where to start when investigating practice areas, our assessment is a life saver.

After using LawFit results to get a feel for different practice areas, 1Ls can start narrowing down which practice areas they want to learn more about and speak more in depth with career counselors, faculty, alumni, and networking contacts to get a sense of how they want to specialize.

Once 1Ls pick a practice area they want to pursue, they can take maximum advantage of their law school’s resources. Career counselors can give more targeted advice and connect students with contacts practicing in a particular field and law school staff can direct students toward externship opportunities, classes, and student organizations in their practice area of choice.

The sooner that students pick a particular practice area, the better their law school experience will be for them so it is best to get educated about career paths sooner rather than later. LawFit is here to help.

Contact us to learn more about the LawFit Career Assessment and see for yourself how effectively our assessment results summarize various practice areas.