New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career Services Office

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career Services Office

1. Touch base with students about Winter Break networking events.

Firms, bar associations, and alumni perennially hold events to meet students who are home for the holidays. Attending these networking events is one of the best ways that your students can stay active in their job search during the break.

Publicizing these events to your students is a smart way to get in touch with them before or during break to give them a concrete action that they can take.

When you announce these events, offer to schedule calls to prepare students on how to successfully navigate the events and make the best use of their time there.

2. Engage 1Ls about grades and next steps they should take to move forward.

As their first set of law school grades come out, 1Ls can experience extreme emotions and concerns.

For those who did not get the grades they were expecting, this is often the first time they will have experienced anything short of total academic success. It will come as a shock.

With that in mind, reaching out to your 1Ls during this vulnerable time can go a long way in instilling confidence in your office — and toward helping those who did not perform well academically pick themselves up and move forward, rather than burying their heads in the sand and avoiding your office.

3. Get students to schedule calls over break. 

Winter break is a long period of time! As career counselors know, it is not ideal for students to disappear for a month without touching base with your office.

Reach out to remind students that your office is open during Winter Break to offer concrete topics they can talk/meet with you about.  This can help get them in the door for winter break phone appointments. Many 1Ls will interview for summer jobs over the break, so make sure your students know that you can conduct mock interviews with them for all types of job opportunities. Offering a “1L grades are out! Where do I go from here?” meeting can also be very effective.

Finally, offering ALL students the opportunity to take the LawFit Career Assessment over Winter Break is a great way to get them to engage with your office.This assessment provides law students with the opportunity to re-frame and focus on their strengths, interests and potential career matches rather than their grades.

We are happy to share with you how other schools are using LawFit!