Facts About the Assessment

What is it?

The Lawfit Career AssessmentTM is an online assessment (or test) designed to help lawyers and law students make better career decisions. It measures interests, values, and preferences and then identifies which career fields, both inside and outside of the practice of law, are the best fits for that individual.

How does it work?

It works by using sophisticated and proprietary algorithms to calculate responses to a unique set of questions. The questions measure a person’s interests, preferences and values, and our algorithms match those measurements with the most compatible career areas within the practice of law, and with general career fields outside of the traditional practice of law.

Is it accurate?

Yes. We spent over 5 years designing, testing, modifying and improving our assessment so that it works. Our assessment has been tested and re-tested, and it is within accepted scientific standards for validity and reliability.

Is it confidential?

Yes. We will never disclose your results to anyone else without your express permission.

How long does it take?

While there is no time limit, the assessment should take approximately 35-40 minutes to complete.

What if I need a break in the middle of taking the assessment?

You can stop at anytime by simply closing your browser. The assessment will remember where you left off. To resume taking the assessment at the point where you stopped, simply log back in at www.lawfit.com, and enter your personal code which is found on every page of the assessment, and also will be emailed to you.

Does the assessment tell whether I should go to law school?

No. The assessment is not designed to advise someone on whether he or she should attend law school. The assumption is that every person taking the assessment is a law school graduate, a law student or a prospective law student.

How much does it cost?

The individual price for the LawFit Career AssessmentTM is $95. We also offer subscriptions to law schools and other entities. For more details, please see our pricing information.

What kind of results do I get, and how long will they take to arrive?

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive your personal results within a few minutes. Your results will be provided in a comprehensive, 26 page Report. For more details, please see our information on The Process and Results.

What happens after I take it?

The first step will be to thoroughly review the results in your Report. There is a lot of information in your Report, some of which may surprise you. We also recommend that you discuss your results with your advisors, whether formal or informal advisors. Finally, check our website, www.lawfit.com on a regular basis. We are constantly adding information and other resources designed to help you find your calling.