Why LawFit?

There are many career assessments on the market today.  However, the Lawfit® Career Assessment is the only assessment designed specifically for lawyers and law students. Our assessment was created for you to help you decide which career areas, both inside the law and outside of the law, are the best fits for your professional life.

The Lawfit® Career Assessment was created by a team of lawyers, career counselors and industrial psychologists who have spent many years working with attorneys on career choices and career satisfaction issues.  In our discussions with numerous attorneys, it became apparent that many lawyers were truly dissatisfied with the work they did on a daily basis. These lawyers regretted their career choices, and stated they had insufficient information when they selected their original career paths.

We found ourselves working with very educated, highly intelligent professionals who had numerous career options available to them, but who had no real understanding of which options were best for them. These lawyers were interested in changing their career paths, and they knew their choices included dozens of legal practice areas, and even more professional career fields outside of the law. Unfortunately, they had no real way of knowing which career fields to pursue or even how to begin exploring the possibilities.

They needed a starting point, an objective tool to measure their interests and preferences, along with career guidance based on those personal measurements. We created the LawFitTM Career Assessment to be that objective resource, to measure what someone enjoys and values, and then provide career guidance and direction based on those personal preferences.