What is the Lawfit® Career Assessment?

The Lawfit® Career Assessment is an online assessment that helps lawyers and law students make better career decisions by answering two questions:

  • Which legal practice areas are the best fits for my interests and values?
  • Which general (non-legal) career fields are the best fits for my interests and values?

Specifically designed for lawyers and law students, the LawFit® Career Assessment measures interests, preferences, values and what a person likes to do. Our unique test then matches those measurements with the most compatible career options, both within the practice of law and outside of the practice of law. It is an extremely valuable career guidance tool for those who believe career satisfaction is an essential part of professional success.

The LawFit® Career Assessment is the result of years of planning, research and testing. Created by a team of industrial psychologists, career counselors and attorneys, the assessment has been thoroughly tested by control groups and focus groups, and analyzed by psychometric experts. The LawFit® Career Assessment meets accepted scientific standards for validity and reliability.

The LawFit® Career Assessment was made to assist the large percentage of attorneys who are dissatisfied with their chosen careers, and to provide guidance to those in the legal industry who are just beginning their careers. In short, we created the LawFit® Career Assessment to help lawyers and law students find their calling.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
~Henry David Thoreau