Lawyers in Practice

A successful practice largely depends on selecting the right practice area. The law is an incredibly varied profession with hundreds of specialties and sub-specialties. The LawFit® Career Assessment was made to help you select the practice area which is your best fit, or to confirm that your current practice area is the best match for your values and interests.

LawFit provides you with a degree of fit for 25 legal specialty areas. In addition, information about your preferred work environment can be crucial when considering a career change. Career satisfaction depends not only on the nature of your work, but also on the expectations, quality of relationships, work pace, and other factors.

Non-practicing Lawyers

An increasing number of law school graduates are working outside of the traditional practice of law, or have a sincere interest in doing so. If you are a law school graduate exploring career opportunities outside of the practice of law, then the LawFit® Career Assessment will help you to answer the overriding question: “What career field is right for me?”

Unlike other career assessments, which provide general guidance pertaining to broad career clusters, LawFit® matches you with 12 specific occupations. These results can be used as a starting point for networking and conducting informational interviewing with potential employers, or can help point you towards additional education and training.