Law Firms and Other Organizations

Law Firms and Employers

Employers want their professional level employees to be working in areas where they will excel and achieve great results. Employees are much more likely to succeed if they are working in an area that is a good fit for their interests and values. The LawFit® Career Assessment is a powerful tool for law firms and other employers that want to make sure their lawyers (and non-practicing attorneys) are working in the fields which are the best match for their interests, values and preferences. The assessment can also provide law practice managers greater insight into the motivators and preferences of those who complete the assessment, information which can be useful for selection and management purposes.

Other Organizations

Bar associations and other organizations for lawyers and law students can use the LawFit® Career Assessment to help their members. Every lawyer and law student wants to find the right type of work, one that will bring fulfillment and a feeling of accomplishment. The LawFit® Career Assessment was made to help lawyers and law students find the type of work that will bring professional fulfillment and career satisfaction.