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Public Interest Month

October is public interest month at America’s law schools!  In October,

As a result, law schools across the country have created programming highlighting jobs available in the public interest and government fields.

Public Interest month is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with students after OCIs.

After OCI, career services offices often lose touch with students who:

  • Can feel dejected about their job searches after receiving callback rejections;
  • Are public-interest minded, but may believe that their Career Development office is not knowledgeable about or interested in these career paths.

This is an ideal opportunity for CDOs to address both of these concerns — and re-engage students who need new career options. Planning panel discussions and designing a professional- looking poster can help you launch an ‘official initiative’ that will let public-interest minded students know they are supported, by putting a spotlight on new opportunities they can pursue.

Public Interest Month Can Jump-Start a Conversation on Job Fit

After completing a service project as part of ABA pro bono week, attending the Equal Justice Works Conference, and/or going to your school’s public interest programming, magic often happens! For the first time after OCI, students start to open up to the possibility of looking outside private practice. Despite a bit more openness, students NEED guidance since many do not know what areas of practice they are interested in – or where they have the best match.

October is the time to open up these conversations! Following your public interest programming, invite students to your office to talk about public interest job paths and discuss which ones might be a good fit for them. Show them how to search for public interest organizations on PSJD, and talk to them about networking with your alumni and local public interest attorneys. Of course, have them take the LawFit Career Assessment, so they can learn in detail (and be confident about) the unique qualities they can contribute to a public interest or government position.

Public Interest Month Generates Positivity

Public Interest Month initiatives are a great opportunity to get students AND your law school community reinvigorated about exploring public sector job paths. Once OCIs are over, and the sun is setting on offers from private law firms, many students will be considering different directions for their job searches. And a Public Interest Month initiative is the perfect antidote to student lamentations that Career Development professionals only focus on private law firm careers.

Dedicating a week or a month to showcasing public interest allows you to introduce positivity to job search conversations. Instead of thinking only about job opportunities that are lost after OCIs, students receive the message that great opportunities are still available since public interest, and government employers have later hiring timelines. And students who have always been dedicated to careers in public service from the get-go will feel supported and accepted, as their law school creates a forum designed for them.

Start by hosting employer panels full of happy public interest and government attorneys who are thrilled with their jobs and did not land them until 3L year or even after graduation. This will turn the conversation away from any negative fall-out from the OCI process, by encouraging students who are still looking to THINK, early-on, about a career that will lead them to career satisfaction.

Blog Writer Needed

Build Your Portfolio and Knowledge About the Law

Lawfit is seeking writers to join our Marketing and Communications team. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about writing and looking to contribute their talents to making a positive impact in the legal profession. This role is for a highly motivated and detail-oriented person who enjoys telling a story that captivates and inspires. You will work with amazing, dedicated folks to develop content (news articles and blog posts) that supports our blog. The hours are flexible and you can work remotely. Time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per week.

legal blogger neededAs our mission is to help lawyers and law students make better career decisions, it’s critical for us to publish frequently and be an authority on the subject.

If you covet the written word, love the art of story telling, have a creative command of language, or simply love to write, then we need you. Volunteers in this role will prepare blog posts, feature articles, and other pieces as needed. Your work will go live once it’s been reviewed by our staff.

Come build your portfolio while learning more about the legal field.


  • Excellent editing, proofreading, and writing skills.
  • Must have a J.D., be currently enrolled in law school, or work extensively in the legal field.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Ability to work rapidly and meet deadlines under pressure.
  • An outstanding attention to details and ability to multitask.
  • Access to computer with internet connection.
  • Knowledge of social media.
  • Experience in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Journalism or English a plus.


  • Build your resume and gain references for future employment opportunities.
  • Be part of a highly-motivated organization.
  • Opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home.


  • This is an unpaid part-time volunteer position.

How to Apply

  • Email a cover letter to outlining why you would be a good fit for Lawfit, your resume, and one writing sample. Please put “Blog Volunteer” in the subject line.