I found the Lawfit® Career Assessment to be very accurate for me personally, and it reiterated that I am in the right job. We view LawFit as an important component of our professional development class.

Francie Scott, J.D., M.S.W.
Associate Director, Office of Career & Professional Development, Wake Forest University School of Law

Lawfit® is a very useful tool for law students and their law school career advisors. The assessment brings a certain focus and efficiency to the job search process, and helps reenergize students who may be discouraged by the job market.

Beth Shackleford, Director of Student Professional Development,
University of Georgia School of Law

T he Lawfit® Career Assessment was a very positive experience. I actually enjoyed taking it and the results were extremely accurate. It provided true value in helping me target my job search to a handful of practice areas that really fit me, and it also revealed some interesting aspects of my personality that I had not considered before.

Brandon Chapple, 3L,
University of Georgia School of Law

I thought it was brilliant!  It was spot-on in terms of detecting my preference for entrepreneurship and sales.  On the legal side, my best fit was a surprise, but when I thought about it – it would have been a perfect choice for me.  I think this will be a great tool for prospective and existing lawyers.

Courtney Sapire, President of RFx Legal
(former practicing attorney and SMU Law graduate)

The results were incredibly accurate. It reminded me of aspects of my personality I haven’t considered in a long time. And even though I was confident I already knew what I wanted to do with my degree, it’s helped me get focused on developing an actual strategy, and plan of action, for successfully pursuing that line of work.

Michael Capps, 3L at Emory Law School