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Perhaps the most important decision a law student will make is this: “What work am I going to do after graduating from law school?” The possibilities are almost overwhelming. There are countless practice areas within the law, and even more professional fields outside of the law. If you are a law student, then the LawFitSM Career Assessment is an invaluable tool to help you narrow your choices and focus on the career options which are the best fit for you.


A successful practice largely depends on selecting the right practice area. The law is an incredibly varied profession with hundreds of specialties and sub-specialties. The LawFitTM Career… Read more

Law Schoolslaw-schools

Law schools want to see their students and alumni succeed, and one of the key components of professional success is career satisfaction.  By helping lawyers (law school alumni)… Read more

Law Firms & Employers

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Prospective Law Students

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Other Organizations

Bar associations and other organizations for lawyers and law students can use the LawFit® Career Assessment to help their members.  Every lawyer and law student wants to find the right type of work, one that will bring fulfillment and a feeling of accomplishment.  The LawFit® Career Assessment was made to help lawyers and law students find the type of work that will bring professional fulfillment and career satisfaction.