October 4, 2018
October 4, 2018

Whether you just passed the bar, are closing in on your 30-year anniversary, or somewhere in the middle, building up your legal muscles is always a wise investment of time. Options can include continued education, participating in online legal groups, attending conferences, etc., but choosing the right answers for you can often be a challenge. Perhaps the best way to discover the answers, is to start with questions.
What are my strengths . . .

Within the realm of my legal work?
As a communicator, a leader, speaker, organizer, etc.?
Concerning pro-bono or other charitable activities?
As a mentor (or mentee)
How can I build on these strengths to grow . . .

As an attorney?
As a person?
Conversely, what are my weaknesses in these same areas?

How can I turn my strengths into . . .

Tools for overcoming the weaknesses?
Opportunities for growth?
What is my emotional intelligence level and how can I improve my score?

Do I have sufficient understanding of and skills with the world’s ever-changing technologies?

How does my legal finesse measure up with the legal marketplace? Should I . . .

Participate in continuing legal education?
Focus on specific skills or choose general studies?
Set aside significant time and /or money to invest in my professional repertoire by learning new skills?
Asking the right questions will often channel our minds in the right direction, helping us to choose which areas of our life/career need the greatest investment in order to grow. That’s the principle behind LawFit. Our assessment is a designed specifically to help guide present and potential law students in making choices concerning what area of law best suits their skills and personality. It is also effective for those who are already in the legal field, but considering a different area of practice. Contact us today and discover how questions provide answers.

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